Fundraising and The Print Shop

Custom printed goodies are like gold when you are fundraising.  They are often the easiest items to sell and bring in great profits. While you can always offer to take orders and get items that are specifically chosen by your group, keeping items on hand will also be a great moneymaker. Choosing the right items in the right quantities is essential to a successful fundraiser.

Spirit Wear

T-shirts, hats, jackets and hoodies are amongst the favorite choices when it comes to spirit wear. Clothing is always a great choice to do as a group order with individuals paying up front for the design and size they want. However, having a supply of the most popular sizes or items that don’t require sizes like hats, is a fantastic idea for the impulse buyer. Many people who miss the flyer when it goes home will jump at the chance to buy spirit wear when they can get it on the spot. Just be careful not to carry too much inventory or make the items specific to just one season or year.

Branded Products

Tote bags, shopping bags and car magnets are some of the branded goodies that you can keep on hand for fundraising purposes. Members of clubs, groups, schools and other organizations gravitate towards such items to identify themselves as belonging. Branded promotional items such as pens, USB flash drives, can coolers, stress balls, bottle openers and more are ideal products to order from your print shop in order to have lower cost options for impulse purchases at special events, or to give away as prizes.

Silent Auctions

There are many administration items that are needed for the silent auction itself that can be ordered from a print shop. Banners, booklets detailing items to be auctioned, signage, invitations and more will be impressive when professionally printed. Items for the silent auction can also be found from a printer. High end promotional items and unique custom apparel make very impressive gift baskets that bring in a tidy profit from those who want the special customized goodies that no one else has.

Take advantage of the love of branding and invest in printed products for your next fundraising venture.


Different Ways To Do T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing can be a fun part time sideline for artists and designers. On the other hand it could also be a money making venture. Before you set up a T-shirt printing business, you ought to know the various methods of printing available. In the fashion industry current trends and techniques are favored, so never go for an outdated printing method.

Screen Printing

This is considered the most used type of T-shirt printing. This involves the pressing of several screens against a garment. The screen filters ink onto parts of the T-shirt that need to be printed. A non-penetrable material is then used to make a stencil, allowing the ink to only pass through the permeable areas. Screen printing is very cost effective and is commonly used in mass printing of T-shirts.

Digital Or Direct To Garment Printing

This involves the use of special ink jet printers. It works like printing on normal paper. In the case of T-shirts, a modified ink jet printer is used to directly create an image on the T-shirt. This type of T-shirt printing is ideal for low volumes and not large scale printing. However it makes it possible to use an unlimited number of colors on fabrics.

Heat Transfer Printing

In this method, designs are transferred to the T-shirt using heat. Unlike digital printing, this is not done directly onto the T-shirt. Instead the design is first done on special transfer papers. After which it is passed onto the T-shirt using a heat press machine and a given amount of pressure. It is a more convenient method as it allows for flexibility and can be used with numerous designs.

Dye Sublimation Printing

This method is used on tougher fabric. It involves the use of a dye printer to transfer dye on material during printing. It is ideal for polyester, and light colored T-shirts. So if you are in need of a full colored light, polyester T-shirt, then dye sublimation printing is the best choice.

When it comes to printing fashionable T-shirt designs, creativity is what matters most. You can try any of the above methods but make sure you add a sense of uniqueness. Many existing print shops have made T-shirt printing even easier, by taking the work out of your hands. You simply do the creative part – the design – and the company will print the T-shirts for you. You can even sell your custom T-shirt from the print shop’s website. It’s the easiest solution possible for anyone interested in T-shirt printing